The club is currently closed to new members but will reopen soon. Sign up for the waitlist.

The club is currently closed to new members but will reopen soon. Sign up for the waitlist.

I recently hosted a webinar walking you through exactly how to get all your recipes organized. Before I started using Evernote (a completely free digital tool) to organize my recipes, they were all over the place! I had some in my e-mail, random bookmarks in my web browser, a big box of random recipes (torn out from magazines, printed, written cards). Now everything is organized and right at my fingertips, and this system has really stood the test of time for me. I'm so excited to show you how you can do the same.

We've created a special Facebook group just for club members. You'll be able to connect and get planner set up advice from me and each other. Plus we'll be going through the setting up your planner course together as a group starting in February. Pretty sweet, right?

But it gets even better! At the end of the 12 week course, we'll have prizes for everyone who completes the course and shares their homework in the group each week. Everyone who completes all the homework will be entered into a drawing for some fun prizes. When I say "fun prizes", we are definitely talking about some pretty amazing stuff. 

My favorite prize is: My Favorite Printer + an ENTIRE YEAR's supply of printer ink!!!!

"There have been a lot of changes in my life recently, and this is helping me keep better track of new responsibilities and tasks that I need to keep track of." - Robin

"It's given me more ideas on how to structure my organization. It's nice to see it all in front of me and it's given me more ideas for projects like a recipe binder with my great grandmother's recipes." - Amy

"Spending time organizing my days helps with productive activities and I seem to accomplish more." - Ann

"Yes! I think it has something for everyone." - Amy

"Yes, I have a few friends that I mentioned it to already!" - Rachel

"I would and have recommended this to friends. I think that if you are trying to get organized this is a great way to start. The videos are very helpful and quick ways to get on the right track." - Robin

"Yes I would recommend; lots of specific instructions and ideas are fab!" - Ann

"I really enjoyed the access to so many different printables. It has saved me a lot of time and effort in trying to hunt down printables I like (and then trying to coordinate them as well!)" - Rachel

"The variety of sizes, styles and types of printables. It was very easy to navigate and view. The downloads were a cinch!" - Amy

"I love all the printables. They are very easily searchable and the variety is great." - Valerie

The club is currently closed to new members but will reopen soon. Sign up for the waitlist.

Q: Can I cancel my membership?
A: Yes, there's no long term commitment. You can easily cancel with just a click at anytime.

Q: Can I see every single printable that is inside the club before I join?

A: There is so much inside the club plus we're adding new printables so frequently that an image of everything would make this page ridiculously long! You can get a good idea of what's inside above. You can also take a look at my Etsy shop, because every printable there is included along with many printables exclusive to the club. If you're looking for something in particular, e-mail and we can let you know if it's included.

Q: Wow, that's a lot of printables! Do you think I'll be overwhelmed with all of them?

A: We definitely don't want you to be overwhelmed, so we've made it super easy for you to find exactly what you're looking for. We have a search bar, or you can look at the printables by:

-category: planning, goal setting, kitchen & meals, cleaning, master lists, finance, monthly calendars, recipe binder kits, daily planners, homeschool planning, student planning, blog & biz planning, and fitness

-size: full letter, half letter, personal, 4x6

-edition: serenity, blissful, lollipop, delightful, retro, grape, vanilla, raspberry, mint, rainbow candy, orange

Q: I love all these beautiful, colorful printables, but I'm worried about using up all my color ink. Any suggestions?

A: I print most everything at home in full color with original name brand ink for less than 5 cents a sheet. That means I can print an entire year of a full size daily planner for well under $5. By using the HP instant ink program, I get ink mailed to me automatically, so I always have a supply on hand. This HP ink program is available for anyone in the US. Click here to read all about it.

Q: I'm not up on all the latest planner lingo. Can you explain what full letter, half letter, and personal size are?

A: Here's a description of the sizes:

- Full letter is standard paper size (8.5 by 11 inches) in the United States. You would use this size in a traditional 3 ring binder, or large discbound system.
- Half letter is just a standard sheet of paper cut in half to make it 8.5 by 5.5 inches. This is great if you don't want to carry a large planner or if you don't want it to take up so much space on your desk. This size fits small 3 ring binders and junior discbound binders. These also work well in an A5 6 ring binder such as Filofax or Kikki K.
- Personal size is a special smaller size that is 6.2 by 3.5 inches. This works well in a 6 ring binder system like Filofax or Kikki K (please note Kikki K calls their personal size a medium - a tad confusing.)

Do you have any more questions? E-mail

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